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Tonight's battle. One British task force verses most of the KM...

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I'm so addicted to this game, I can't tell you. I've had bigger victories. I had one a couple days ago where I lost one French destroyer, while the Germans lost 122. They had 8 ships left in the KM when the French got done. But this is the latest, and so I thought I'd pop this in here...

For those who care, how I got that performance was a number of reasons, first was design. These are 13" guns on two double turrets with 65 second reload times. I've actually gotten them down to 36 second reload times on 13 inchers in other campaigns, but I won't be doing that in this one I'm going for much heavier guns. I also did NOT ignore smaller guns research. Taking down a screen cleanly is ultimately how you win a big battle, and a lot of that work is done with secondaries.

Second was tactics. The vanguard did not steam into battle at flank speed leaving the rest of the fleet behind, neither did I scout nor otherwise battle-line the smaller ships. So the first order of business was reduce speed to full, which in my case is 18 kts. Second was put everybody else on screen. I knew the enemy was seeking battle with their large numbers advantage, so sending out scouts was just asking for dead ships.

Once contact was made, I brought the rest of the fleet up that might be behind by sending everyone to my forward position, putting all other formations on battle line. Once they got near my position, I switched them back to screen, and the fire on the enemy screening forces was horrific. Then I swept back and forth in front of that screen with my battleships until they evaporated.

Eight of their battleships made their way into the forward positions, but they were no match. Several of them went down in one or two rounds of main gun fire, even though in some cases they were larger than me. The ones further away took some more work since by then my towers had almost all taken damage to an extent. By the time their screen and 8 battleships were eliminated, I manually moved every division to where I wanted them in battle line, and mopped up.

I left one heavily damaged destroyer to survive to tell the tale. This battle was fought almost entirely on 1x speed. So it took half the night.

I KNOW many of you have had bigger fights with much bigger results. It's a testament to your design capabilities, naval understanding and cunning and resourcefulness, as well as the game designers.

Edit - a note to those designers, this campaign crashed during building ships phase, have not been able to recover it....


The Battle of Sunderland -

Just getting started. At this point, my vanguard battleships are just starting their first turns after finding the enemy screen. Most of the torpedo boats and many light cruisers were already gone -


How it ended....enemy damage output -


Allied damage output -


Result -


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