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Finally bought the game. I have questions if someone will answer please.


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Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully answer a few of these. Sorry if some of these have been answered before but I am trying to understand how this game works.

1) Is the economy in its final state or working as intended My Monthly budget is 657 million and I have over 21 trillion in Naval Funds, This cant be working right?  Britain has 1.4 trillion per month. and 48 trillion in the bank....

2) How do you win?  I have fleets all over (as Germany) and I am trying to blockade Britain  and have my fleets set on "invasion" but nothing ever happens.  How do you take over Territory? How do you win a war?

3) Why does AI get so many more points for ship kills as opposed to us.  If I kill an enemy heavy cruiser I get about 100-200 reputation.  The AI gets 800 to 1000 for the same kill. I am in year 17 of the war and all we have done is beat the piss out of each other. I have about a 5:1 kill ratio as Germany vs Britain but the ship counts never seem to drop. How do you win?

4) Why does it seem like some ships are showing as damaged but they never get repaired and you cant repair them?

5) Why does it seem like the AI repairs everything faster than we do?    I constantly have 30 ships in awaiting repairs and AI has 2-3

6) Why does it seem like the AI constantly spams you with 5-6 attacks a turns with nothing but 1 DD.  They can attack a fleet with 100k tons of warships and get away with light damage? Does the Auto battle simuation have issues? I normally sim the smaller battles where its overwhelming to one side and its absurd some of the results you get.  I had 1 DD sink a cruiser, damage another and put 5 DD's in drydock and got away with light damage. WTH? I had over 20 ships attacking.

7) When AI countries get eliminated do they ever come back? the game is boring with only 3 countries left.

8-) Do you ever get events that allow you to stop wars or anything that changes things up?

9) Does the total tonnage you can build have anything to do with repair speed or how fast ships get built?

10) Why does it seem like DD's are stupidly OP right now?  I had cruisers that are 1.5 KM away and shot at them till the guns were dry and didn't and barely did any damage.  I  have read all the posts about upgrading your towers, etc. and tech'ing up, but cmon thats practically point blank.   Its insanity that DD's can yolo torp light cruisers with fast firing guns and sail away with nothing more than a scratch. This isnt an isolated incident either. That seems to be par for the course.

Anyhow, thanks in advance for anyone that answers questions.

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Also, whats up with the scoring in the game.  1 BB, 2 BC,  1 CL 1 DD and 2 TB sunk by me.  I lost 2 DD's and a CL.   How is this a defeat????  How did enemy score more points??? They got destroyed.



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4 minutes ago, Gsam said:

Also, whats up with the scoring in the game.  1 BB, 2 BC,  1 CL 1 DD and 2 TB sunk by me.  I lost 2 DD's and a CL.   How is this a defeat????  How did enemy score more points??? They got destroyed.



Well it's not just about what numbers you lose, if your ships have a big technological advantage the enemy gets more points for sinking them 

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It's 1926 and you're seeing numbers like that? Nice.

I have been wondering myself when the campaign ends. I've never finished one. I may be at the point where my fleet would absolutely demolish anyone else's - if they had one. They don't. They don't even have any more crew available. But they have plenty of economy. I often wonder why they keep provoking a fight with me, even though they have nothing to fight with.

It's at that point where I just start a new campaign.

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It's because the game is Borked, in so many ways.

There are so many flaws, that I'm taking a three month vacation from the game, to give the developers a chance to fix things.

I'll be playing Grigsby's War in the East 2 while I wait.

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1) Don't think so. But keep in mind, that raising GDP works the long way by boosting your countries economy while your naval budget works the short way. Always choosing Naval budget at the cost of lower GDP is not the best choice you can make.


2) When the difference between VP is to high, enemy tends to ask for Peace. I never had a problem getting the enemy to want a peace


3) VP seem to be connected to "estimated battle performance" or something like this. The more tonnage and armament a ship has, the higher the VP also age and technology levels seem to be important.


4) 2 isues here: 1. Sometimes if Ships are showing only minor damage that does not affect combat readiness, AI does not send them to port automatically. 2. Enemy has a chance to catch up damaged ships on a following battle while they are on their way to the port.

5) Can' say anything about it. My enemy has to rebuild ships and not repair them after an engagement.

6) I seldomly play auto battles because of the sometimes iffy results.

7) No. Or better not yet. Don't think it will stay this way.

8 ) Enemy asks for peace as mentioned before

9) Never tested it.

10) Had similar issues when I started playing. Had not enough crew training, so my crew were recruits or greens. They miss alot. With regular or higher crew levels my ships esp. the BBs shred enemy rushing TBs or DDs. Maybe there is also an issue with your ship designs. There are several factors ingame that have an effect on your aiming. Like weather, daytime, stability of your ship, etc. Also ammo choices and barrel length affect aiming and your ability to seriously hurt those DDs.

Then there is strategy. keep enemy DDs at arms length (out of torp range) by changing course fast enough.



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8 hours ago, Admiral Donuts said:

I think it's worth the time to send bug reports instead. As to Gary Grigsby...painful. And expensive.

While I was playing up to early July, I was sending bug reports almost every day.

As to War in the East 2, I like playing complicated games, as they are more challenging.

But Grigsby's games work, that can not be said of this game.

At this time, there are just too many fatal flaws, to make the game playable.

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