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Damage Ship Options and Last Port of Call


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There’s been a few suggestions to remove teleporting of repairing ships going back to port and to have those ships sail (pathfind) back to port.

And one suggestion for the player to manage their damage ships. I think this is a really good idea and to do this we could have it as some taskforce options. And these can be included in the taskforce repair selection list.


  • None.
  • Low.
  • Medium.
  • High.
  • Send Ships to Port.
  • Send Taskforce to Port.

None, this is the option for players to manage their own damaged ships, it disables auto-send ships for repair. Player to select and move ships for repair as and when required.

Low, Medium and High, repair at sea levels, these also disables auto-send ships for repair. And also for the player to select and move heavily damaged ships for repair as and when required.

Send Ships to Port, this is the automatic option, where the game sends (pathfind) damaged ships to port and only the damaged.

Send Taskforce to Port, the same as Send Ships to Port but it sends the whole taskforce if any ship is damaged.

As the map grows in size it’s going to be even more obvious that teleporting has no place in the game e.g. teleporting damaged ships from Australia to England in an blink of an eye, well it just cannot be kept. And I think you will remove it at some stage but when you do, consider the options for Admirals to nominate particular actions. These options would be very good gameplay actions to have.

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PS - OP related.

I’m not 100% sure, haven’t tested it lately, and at one stage I though it worked and then didn’t, and if not already in game then:

To change the ship ‘port of origin’, and to have the port origin as the ship repair port, where the ship defaults for repair:

Port Origin is determine by the last port of call.

So all the player has to do is dock the ship and then that port becomes the ship's Port Origin. And somewhere in the info we need to display the ship's port origin.

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Since we're at damage and repair I think it would be a very good idea to add another damage level for superficial damage.

Right now you can have a ship receive a single point of damage and counts as "light damage" even if the ship remains at 100%. And if you send the ship into another battle without repairing it, it'll start with 75% structure.

Maybe add the superficial damage for damage that is less than 5 % or something in that area.

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