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in campaign do time and weight reduction tech require new ships?


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hello everyone

im currently playing a campaign and a few techs have been discoverfed that do things like reduces all armour weight by 5% or increases turret traverse speed by 5% etc. what id like to know is if these upgrades are added to my existing ships in my fleet or do they have to be added via the refit option or are they only able to be added to totally new designs?

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I'm a few betas out of date (but I have kept up with the patch notes), but as it used to be, upgrades are only added to new ships. Unfortunately, saves are encrypted these days so it's harder to check if the behavior was updated for refits.

However, it would make sense for refitted ship not to be; those ships are still the product of their time, with all the limitations that is. This would model the real life issues with the Standards and other WWI/Interwar dreadnoughts during WWII, when you have carriers and much more modern battleships running around.

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All the passive modifiers that apply to ships do only apply to ships that were either freshly designed or redesigned for refit after the tech was developed.

The sole possible exception is the construction time, since that might well be a modifier applied to the shipyard rather than the hulls themselves.

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I would add, its pretty evident when you suddenly have 2% more weight to use up on a ship that was at full displacement when you go in to refit it.

Most i  I've actually had with a ship before  swapping out armor and other modular weight savings was 5% free tonnage starting the refit.

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