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Refiting ships ideas

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Can we have the ability to refit and after studying rebuild captured/compensated enemy ships tech that is normaly unavailable for our nation? Also can we directly build refit versions of ships without building the original design first.

Another small detail is that the game renames refits with the year and a number behind the year. So for example Achilles (1893) - 2. When i have multiple refits (- 2; -3; -4) of the same desing and delete the first refit with the - 2 the next refit created will become - 2 instead of - 5. A better system would be to have "class name" (year) "Variant A/B/C/D/... OR MK I/II/III/..." but the variant only considers the refit design of the same year with the highest variant. So no matter u delete a variant the count won't get interupted.

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