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Main guns not firing

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Heya everybody, 

I've already seen this topic be posted a couple times, but i wanted to add videoproof so maybe it can help figure the problem out.

Basically all the secondary guns fire without any problem, but the main guns mostly refuse to fire. If i reselect the target they will fire no matter what, as you can see in the start of the video, but the shot is always way off. Am i just dumb and i am missing a reason as to why they're not shooting? Or is it a problem with the game?

here is a video of it occuring, as you can see they fire when i reselect the target and then they fire a couple of times throughout the battle, but mostly they stay idle

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Having another look at this:

  • Hull Stability is low at 0.7%
  • Speed at 34
  • What’s unknown: 
    •         Smoke inference
    •         Pitch/Roll but turrets are at extremities.
    •         Etc.

At 0.10:

  • 7.1" Guns Stop

Enemy State at 0.13:

  • Target Ship Size -20.5
  • Target Fast Speed -24.5
  • Target Manoeuvre -79
  • Target Inside Smoke -25 

At 0.35:

  • Own Manoeuvre comes down to -9
  • Also by this time target smoke has ceased.   

At 0.36:

  • Own Manoeuvre down to -6

 At 0.37:

  • Main guns firer.

It does look more towards design issues. Or with that design keep manoeuvre at or under -6, lower speed, and only firer (or only target) when target is not deploying smoke. 

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