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  I have an issue were I will click on a ship card the card will drag with the mouse.  Say I'm checking my ships by cards going down the line, and I'll accidently drag a ship card into a new division or worse drag one division into another.


I'd like to ask that a confirmation box pop up when combining divisions or ships to contain those accidental clicks.  In order to contain click inflation, I'd also like to suggest that only clicking on the YES confirmation button (and/or the enter key) will work.  Clicks in any other place on the the screen, on the confirmation box or not, automatically count as hitting the NO button, causing the box to go away.  This way if you accidently combine a division, you can completely ignore the box and keep working.


Pop up decisions need to take into account the number of ships in a players fleet for available options if possible.  (See Stealths current play through of him getting options to send ships he doesn't actually have)

Thank you!




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