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Crew loss - losing a ship campaign


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So with the 1.6 (12) Crew loss has become more important, but i have found that my ships go down way too quick especially against HE spammers - But my suggestion would be if the ship withdraws or surrenders from crew loss (if it is your own ship) and you win the battle the ship is not lost, as of right now your ship is considered sunk which makes no sense as why would a crew at say 50% loss sink their ship when you are winning the battle. I understand that you can't capture say enemy ships that are down due to crew loss as you could say the crew scuttle their ship. But your own makes no sense and is frustrating. I lost a CA due to mass spamming of small calibre HE shells the ship had about 10% damage only but crew loss was really high due to fire despite max bulk heads - and i lost the ship too. 

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I agree completely. If one of your ships surrenders, but is still afloat, you should be able to recover the ship if you win (or at least have a chance to recover it). If you wind up losing the battle...ok, fine, whatever, have the ship be considered lost whether you want to write it off as the ship was scuttled or the enemy captured it/sank it after the battle.

If one of your ships surrenders but you win the battle: you should (at the very least) have the chance/option to recover or scuttle the ship in question.

If one of your ships surrenders but you lose the battle: ship is lost (scuttled, captured, sank later on...idk)

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