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Crew ratings at start of a 1.06 campaign


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Started a new 1.06 campaign last week ad Germany in 1920. It took a weeks worth of play; designing ships, getting through the first turn and getting to April 2021 where the first battle occurs.

The first battle had my 8 ships against 21 English ships. I have attached the outcome of the battle. I sparred with the four English BBs & BC's, with neither side doing any real damage, except for one overage/underage shot aimed at a BC, that hit a English DD with a 14 in shell, causing it to flood and sink. I was expecting the AI to swarm me with its 9 DD's, but they never did. So after the luck hit, I decided to use my speed advantage to pull away, and end the battle.

All in all, neither side did much damage to my BC's or the English BB's and BC's. My BC's were hit very often, but with only partial penetrations from 13.2 and 15.1 inch guns, along with secondary gun hits. My other six ships were not hit. On the English side I hit 1 BB twice for a over penetration and one partial penetration; and both BC's for a total of five hits, one penetration, and three partial penetrations and one over penetration. I hit 2 CA's and a CL for a total of five more minor hits, all over penetrations. The only really damaging hit in the whole battle, was the hit on the DD.

During the battle, once the English BB's and BC's were identified, I was surprised that they all were getting 3 to 3.6 % main gun hit probabilities at around 12km, while my two BC's were only gettingĀ  1.1% hit probabilities. Then I found the answer, the four English ships had crew ratings of seasoned or veterans, while all eight of my ships had cadet crews.

After the battle, I looked at the crew ratings on the Ship Stats for all the English ships; there were 3 with veterans, 4 with seasoned, 4 with trained, 3 with regular, 3 with green, and only 4 with cadets.

Why do the English ships get such an advantage in crew training? This tends to throw the entire game out of whack!

The German navy had been around for at least 20 years before this battle was fought, and should have at least some crews trained to various levels.

If the English get this crew training perk, all other navies should likewise get experienced, trained crews.

Battle 1 G vs E = V.png

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