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[BETA 1.06 Update 5] Impossible to balance small boats due to citadel weight

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Moving this funnel (& thus, the back of the citadel) by one ctrl-click notch does the following:




If you couldn't tell, that's a difference of 60% fore to 40% aft. That's crazy! I didn't even think TBs had citadels! This of course has huge handling & flooding consequences--that big weight offsent makes TBs accelerate slower, turn worse, and flood faster. Big problem even for ships that don't care about gun accuracy.

The problem is just as bad for CLs (which should have citadels).


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I have mixed feelings about DDs and TBs vis a vis the new citadel system. On the one hand I think it is realistic to model the weight distribution of the ship's interior this way even when there isn't any difference in armor between the "citadel" and the extended armor, since there would still have to be differences in the position of machinery spaces and magazines as you move funnels and guns around on the hull. And in some cases I've found it easier to balance small ships with armaments in logical positions in 1.06, since you can often solve balance issues by minor adjustments of gun positions (granted I generally don't play this game in eras where TB are a concern). And a 10-20% offset isn't too big a deal in terms of the penalties since DDs and TBs engage point-blank and are pretty disposable. On the other hand it does seem like the citadel system was designed first and foremost with BBs and CAs in mind—and fair enough, it works very well on big ships and the game is called Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts, not Ultimate Skipper: Speedboats—but it might be necessary to make adjustments specific to the smaller ship classes so the effect of citadel balancing isn't so overwhelming. We might benefit from a middle ground between the balancing nightmare that small ships were in 1.05 and the completely different nightmare they can be in 1.06.

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I see man of culture, also Beam and Draught on -9% -15% for TB, but try +15% it is much better! 

I have one build where the offset is around 10%, no others build I found to have a decent ship (when I constructing this ship, it was only 1%, no idea why is now 10%). 

The problem is that, the AI can don't max the bulkheads and Usually they have 100% offset 100% Pitch, roll high 30%+ and the Draught is around 0. Because of that, one hit can sink them, when my "Chad TB" have Draught 15% max bulkheads and 10% offset can take 4-5 flooding compared to 1. 



Ofc. they have 2.9"/37 and 4" gun is because of the balance (I get too big aft offset). One torpedo to have torpedo boat... 

I am able to destroy 5 AI TB having only one TB. 


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