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Alright, can some one help me understand how flooding works now-a-days.

Back in ye olden times (pre 1.05), flooding of a ship was fairly easy to understand.  Let's lay out the scenario.  You take a hit, you start flooding and the little water icon comes up above your ship (along with fire/broken engine, etc).  The holed compartment starts taking on water, and when it fills the ones next to it do the same.  Then (magically) the water stops there.  That's it.

Now I'll grant that it's a little weird the water didn't continue past the next compartment, and it did make it very hard to kill some types of ships, so I agree a change was in order, queue patch 1.05.

Now lets go through the same scenario.  Hit, holed, flooding icon, taking on water, all makes sense all same as previous.  But now the water continues flowing past the next compartment into the one after that, neat, makes sense, there has to be somewhere for the water to go.  Okay, now damage control has patched up the hole and the little water icon has gone away, great, no longer taking on water, right?  Right?!?  Apparently, wrong.  Buoyancy keeps dropping, more compartments continue to flood, and eventually the ship sinks.


So am I just absolutely missing something here?  Because the new scenario just doesn't make sense.  It shouldn't matter how many bulkheads you have or what kind of anti-flood protection you have, once you stop taking on water, you stop taking on water.  At the very worst buoyancy should stay put, neither rise nor fall. More bulkheads will slow the water moving to new compartments, or raise the required level before it even starts moving.  And anti-flood technologies will speed up sealing the breaches and pumping water out.  But once those breaches are sealed, no more water should be getting in.  Sure the water that's already there may flow to other compartments, but in doing so the compartments it flows from should start emptying.  And if we are still taking on water, then what's the point of the little water icon?  The fire icon goes away when all fires are out.  The engine icons go away if the engines get repaired.  So why does the flooding icon go away if I'm still taking on water and in danger of sinking due to low buoyancy?

So again, am I missing something, and/or thinking of something the wrong way?  Because this is the single most extremely frustrating point of the game and it makes this otherwise exciting game virtually unplayable for me.

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15 hours ago, neph said:

You have to have maximum bulkheads or you die. That's it

I can confirm Maximum bulkheads are mandatory, "standard" and "many" bulkheads don't quite work in 1890 maybe because the anti-flood tech is like, nonexistent. However towers posses stat called "damage control" maybe more advanced ships deal better with flooding. I haven't played "modern" battle in a while so I might be completely wrong

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