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Now in ultimate admiral we got sliders for draught and beam as well as ship speed and total displacement and the hulls got individual shapes naturally for how to behave and i would be interested to hear what people think of my ideas as well as the developer's if they where to skim past it.

now as we got draught + beam and ship hull + what you chose to install on the ship. What if the total tonnage slider was a simple length of hull slider working in lenght steps as it does now but minus the ton increase? and by calculating ship lenght + beam + draught + equipment you got ships total tonnage and then may have to sacrifice some things in the design to make it fit within the port 

Instead of a speed slider in knots for then to calculate engine/shaft hp to reach a ships intended speed causing prices to skyrocket at one point as the engine needed to propel the ship would be ludicrous. As i and apologies if i am wrong believe the game calculates ship hull draught and beam with displacement to get the hp needed to reach speed, what if we had a shaft hp slider and speed was calculated on the same calculations but in reverse giving us the final speed of the ship displayed in the mid screen or in the speck sheets of it as you only slide the tonnage/hp of the engine capacity and chose how big an engine instead of what speed it should make first, making a reverse calculation more or less but giving people an understanding of what power and tonnage engine would be needed to propel the ships at X speed.

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To have a slider for the length of the ship would really be nice. It would help to adjust the pitch a lot. Also there would be a possibility to build the ship designs way more realistically. Let's take for example the Iowa.

Displacement: 58.400t
length: 270m

If want to give it 58.400t ingame, the length of the hull would only be 230m. If I want to have the ship kind of the real length, I have to give it 76.000t.

Bismarck is a little bit better but also way too short.
Displacement: 53.500t
Length: 250m

Ingame the Displacement of 53.500t results in 230m. A more fitting length would be the 259m hull, but this I only get at 62.500t

So if we could get a Slider for adjusting the length of the ship, it would help a lot

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yeah i think that would be cool but for ease of devs i think sticking with the slotted length to keep bugs to a minimum, and have the (max displacement of float-ability) to be by beam + length + draft and then you got a upper build limit of tonnage.

and any tonnage you have left over could help on float-ability of the ship as it will ride higher in the water and maybe catch less torps or simply be able to take in more water before sinking. as it is not as close to it's 0 buoyancy point.

while building them to the max limit would grant no bonus or possibly drawbacks as it would be at the verge of not having buoyancy and not give any space for retrofitting it as i think the size sliders should be locked for a retrofit. or come with a extreme limitation in slid ability and cost increase if wanting to change the length or draft.

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