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Hello Lads and Lassies! Miss me? No? GOOD. Anyway seeing as we are waiting for the next game update I wanted to know what is the most powerful warship you've designed in the game so far. I want all the details. Range, Armor, Speed, Maybe a picture, Etc. Can't wait to see your designs soon. Or now....RIGHT NOW!

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I think it depends on how you contextualise it. for me i dominated both my 1910 campaign with 8 battlecruiser at 27kts 16",7",6.7" belt (M,F,R)  and 6",5",5" Deck (M,F,R) armed with 4x2 13" and 6x2 6". later campaigns i just used some variant of the super cruiser with usually 3x3 11" guns 30kts and 14"+ of belt.

its kinda easy to build OP ships against the AI.

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Its not very good, it gets trashed by my 90k ton bbs- but it wins! Barely! So its technically the most powerful ive built.


The USS Miami is a design I always recreate whenever the data gets wiped, I love it.  18" guns crammed in every conceivable location with standard crew complement 

Minimum range and slow, but its probably my favorite ship. Ive made a few, one with 19" guns and a 20" dual version.

This was born out of my Wyoming class fetish, and sure it gets pulverized by anything made with a semblance of sense.  But damn I love it.

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USS Hyperion


132.5K ton Super Battleship, complete with Maxed out Protection modules, Gas Turbine engines, 4X3 19-inch Guns firing heavy APBC2/APHE shells, 21 inch belt, Gen 3 fire control radar, and 11 inches of main deck armor. It is a bit on the slower side at 28 knots though. Hits hard at range, but isn't the most suitable for brawling.

If this sounds familiar, it is an improved version of the Hyperion from my previous thread that was active about a year back.

HMS Arcturus


An excellent BC design from one of my recent campaigns, It sports 4X2 16-inch guns, has a top speed of 36 knots, fires standard APCBC2/APHE shells, has a 16 inch belt and 7 inch main deck, and maxed out protection modules on a 50K ton frame. A good Do-it-all ship, but lacks any meaningful secondaries.

Featured as HMS Lion in my Epic Campaign Wins thread, taking part in the ROFLstomp that was the battle of the Baltic Sea.


THE Battle Barge

cause those sanctions sure are hitting the Russians hard...


Completely unarmored, armed with 6X2 9 inch guns, basically is a converted container ship weighing 120K tons

Our good friends are gonna need a lot of submarine-tractors to salvage this one

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The newest Hunk of Metal to sail forth from Werwaz's Shipyards, I present the USS South Dakota


A reimagining of the original 1920 concept, with the stuff that USA has in game. Some notable changes are the removal of the forward cage mast, rearrangement of casemates, and a flush deck. I also gave this rendition of the South Dakota substantially improved armor, as well as a higher top speed. An excellent brawler, but quite inaccurate beyond 12km.

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Honestly... for 1890 and 1910 the most powerful has been ~900 ton DDs with 6 torpedoes.

The work out as:

bow most deck 1x2 torp launcher with 270 degree arc that forces enemy into a turn

a barbette with a 5" deck gun used during chases and in duelling other DD

main tower, funnel, second tower

another barbette with either another 5" or a 4"

2 more 2 torp launchers with one as aftmost on the deck with a 270 degree arc

Speed 35 knots in this early era.

Put torps on off until starting the attack run. As they start the attack detach the lead ship from each DD group. Have it use its smoke (part why you needed to detach it). Chase down enemy ship. When close switch torp to aggresive. Bow torps fire. Target is obliged to turn over the rudder one way or another. Though those first torps missed the turn makes it very vulnerable. DD gets a little closer on the side the target is turning. DD goes into a hard turn. As it turns torps #3&4 then #5&6 will let loose at the broadside of the target. Several of these will hit. Once torps are out steer away to clear combat area for next DD attack run. Repeat with other DDs in formation.

The 2 x 5" guns do good work in DD vs DD. The 5" has a longer effective range than other DD guns and enemy 3" or less often not firing or not hitting. The penetration of the 5" is decent at getting engine damage which slows the target reducing firing penalties making for more hits.


While not exactly the original post intention, to present big ships, the DD is very powerful. I sometimes send them in taskforces lead by a single CL who strategically would be the long range radio communication while tactically the CL provides a safe haven for damaged DDs to retreat behind.



Found a screen shot of this. The 1910 TBU for Torpedo Boat Universal. 37 Knot, 2 of 1 of 5" guns on barbettes to allow 3 of 2 torp mounts to have the best for and aft arcs. In this era the speed will over take the BB 24-25 knot and BC 27-28 knot quite rapidly. Bow torps force a rudder to one side or the other and next launches will score some hits. Send in 3 paths like a trident with 6 or 9 and the mighty BBs fall. Cost is $3.3 M each so a flotilla of nine is about $30M to field. The beam is tweaked down to help with speed though the draught is tweaked up to give a good 10,000 km range to accompany the fleets in most assignments.



1910 TB Universal $3.3 M 817 ton.jpg

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23 knt top speed

157,704 t standard displacement. 1,155' 3" LOA, 182' 1" beam, 33' 10" draft.


Twelve 20" (4x3)

Twelve 8" (6x2)

Sixteen 5" (8x2)

Twelve 2" (6x2)


Ten 21" torpedo tubes (2x5) with high speed torpedoes (One reload per tube onboard)

Armor - Hull:

20" main belt

8" fore and aft belts

8"main deck

6" fore and aft deck

20" conning tower

2.5" superstructure.

Armor - 20" turret:

20" side

8" top

Armor - 8" turret:

8" side

5" top

Armor - 5" turret:

2.1" side

1.5" top

Armor - 2" turret:



All 1940 cutting edge (Final upgrade in slot), except:

No Underwater Acoustics or Radio

Geared Turbine II

Balanced boilers

Semi-balanced rudder

Heavy shells

Standard shell load

Standard bulkheads (slot and slider)

The vessel has luxurious accomodations for it's top-notch crew.

Pitches a fair bit in a seaway. Slow, but ungodly durable, and hits like a thousand tons of bricks. Secondary guns are optimized to support main batteries against enemy battleships and battlecruisers. Murderous against heavy and light cruisers as well. Destroyers buckle against the 5" guns in particular, since they hit more reliably at a higher RoF than the 8" guns. Beware, her 23 knt top speed hinders escapes, but that's usually not a problem with this thing. Played right, she can challenge multiple enemy battleships simultaneously.

If ever there was an H-45 (there wasn't) this is it.


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Please find here the 2 pillars of my 1940 french campaign fleets. 

1st one is a concept of fast battleship, with 3x3 457mm as main battery. Her main job is to sink ennemy BB and BC. 
Why a so "small" main ship?
- Because BB are even more expensive for a budget as generous as presence of green into the Sahara. 
- Because BB aren't the best to perform nice torpedoes swarm dodging dances

2nd one is a concept of heavy heavy cruiser, with 4x3 305mm as main battery. Her main job is to escort the 1st concept and sink all ennemy cruisers and DD. She is well armored because she will engage numerous ennemies at the same time and maybe under the fire of ennemy BB. 
The 2 designs have some torpedoes launchers.
- Because A.I. seems to be more cautious when approaching if you have them.
- Because it could be usefull to finish a too robust ennemy or to add some mess into an ennemy formation. 

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