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Massive performance losses when performing certain common actions

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Laptop Specs

CPU: Intel i7-11800H

GPU: RTX 3070 Laptop


Storage: 1TB SSD (where UAD is stored)

Game Settings

Quality: Custom

Resolution: 2560x1440

Fullscreen: On


Post Effects: On

Shadow Details: Low

Anti-Aliasing: 2x


Anisotropic: Off

FPS Limit: Off

Textures: High

I have a 165Hz monitor, so I cap my FPS to 165. When I first load into a battle, FPS sits around 165 when I'm zoomed super far out. Once I zoom into my own ship, it slowly drops to around 130-140. Still perfectly playable.

When I hover over my own ship's card on the bottom of the screen to bring up my specs, FPS drops down into the 90s. Still playable but noticeable. 

When I double click on an enemy ship's card at the top of the screen to switch camera view to an enemy ship, FPS drops down into the 40s for a short moment before going into the 160s again. Very noticeable and annoying but still playable.

When I hover on an enemy's card on the top of the screen or select my ship and hover over an enemy ship to display shot accuracy and enemy ship info, my FPS tanks into the low 40s. I get that the game has to do some math when calculating hit chances and bringing up an enemy ships' stats, but 120 FPS worth of math is unjustifiable. 

Even worse, once enemy ships get damaged and start burning and sinking, switching my camera to a damaged enemy formation cripples my FPS, again sustaining in the low 40s.

If I turn antialiasing to 8x, I knock 20 FPS off of all of these numbers.

As a battle goes on, all FPS values also drop. I've had 15 minute battles finish with me sitting in the low 20 FPS range no matter what I did.

Something is seriously wrong with this game's optimization. I've never seen any other game lose so many frames performing simple actions; I can hold higher framerates playing Battlefield 2042 than I can playing this game.

Someone on the dev team should take a serious look at the math going in on the game.

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