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Leave the Battle bug

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So I discover a bug but I close the game before I reported in Game so basically the problem was that during a battle everything was going really well for me sadly since the end battle didn't appear I just leave the battle given that I leave at a point were most of the enemy fleet was sunken already I expected to give me victory. however instead of give me the victory it was a minor defeat since by some miracle the enemy fleet revive and sunk several of my flagships( my most modern ships) when I start to check the list of enemy ships many of the names in the list were ships that in the manual battle were sunk. I know it tells you about the randomness of leaving mid battle but still it should have take into account from the point you leave the battle to actually count for the ships. to be honest this cough me by surprise and was really frustrating given the fact that many of my most modern ships had pretty decent health and then getting them sunk by a revived fleet was really frustrating. 

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Second. The leave battle button seems to cancel whatever you were doing, go back to the beginning, and run the autoresolver instead. (Or something similar.)

I don't think this is a recent bug, either.

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