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I mostly play the German Campaign because I love the fact that I can fight in a really underdog situation, however no matter how modern my ships are or how cripple the enemy navies are or even if you triple the allies VP, my campaigns have ended in Major defeats and it's all thanks to the fact that Austria-Hungary can't fight. At some point of the campaign they will receive the event of revolt, the issue is that no matter what if Austria-Hungary gets that event is game over. I tried everything, aggressive fighting, sending fleets to blockade ports even try to send fleets to the Adriatic Sea but is all in vain. I am not complaining the event happen because I also got the event myself during some really poor campaign. That being said I think is needed an with the utmost speed (despite I don't know programing at all, I don't think this solution will take that much effort) if one of your allies has that event you should get a notification asking you to keep fighting or to surrender. To be honest if had a chance I would have sunk the Austrian ships myself so I could get to fight 3 huge navies all by myself that for me would be the best. But until this has a solution I can't play as the Germans because even if you are winning you will lose if Austria-Hungary revolt event. and I am writting this post after my 8th Campaign defeat thanks to this issue.

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