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PvP campaign / custom battles on forum/discord


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I thinking about PvP campaign/"forum game" because for now the campaign is mostly one turn game :D 


Can we on forum/discord make some basic campaign where a players chose the nations and create the fleet and after that by dice we random make a battles where I (or someone else) will copy past the ships etc. and 2 players will fight vs AI, example British player vs German AI and next British AI vs German Player they will post the results and we will summary the outcome to divide by 2. 


1920 year 10 000 000 000 money to build the fleet. + X money per turn 

2 Players send the fleet to the North Sea. We roll for chance to spotted the fleet/transport.

Next player fights

British player vs German AI lost 1CL but destroy 1BB, 2CA, 4CL, 8 DD

British AI vs German Player lost 2CL but destroy 1BB, 2CA, 2CL, 4 DD

The summary is that:

British player lost 1 CL and have medium damaged 1BB, 2CA, 1CL, 4 DD

German Player lost 2CL and have medium damaged 1BB, 2CA, 2CL, 8 DD

Light 1 turn in repair 

Medium 2 turn in repair

Heavy 3 turn in repair.

Each ship have 4 HP(or 5, because AI is very stupid), light damaged is -1, medium -2, heavy -3, destroy is -4. Ships with 0 hp will be lost for the player. 


What do you think about that?


The lost is when the enemy Player have 1/3 tonnages of the enemy fleet, the money balance is on - or surrender. Ofc I don't post right now the whole rules what I have in mind, because no point if no one will be interesting in this kind of game.

The players will need only be able to ctrl+c ctrl+v, no need technical skills. 

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