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Not much seems to happen in the campaign

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Played two campaigns on the recent build with the expanded map, and not much seems to actually happen in the campaign. There is a real lack of battles being generated.

First as Italy, I make a fleet put it all to sea against Austria-Hungry, the Austria-Hungry fleet seems to very quickly disappear, I don't think it was destoryed, I get to fight 1 or 2 battles against them, and thats it, I give up after 5ish years because no more battles are generated.

Then play as Austria-Hungry, make a fleet put it to sea, I get to play two convoy defences which I win, and then I loose the game due to naval prestige.

I don't understand what is really going, the whole campaign map is pretty confusing as stuff just jumps around, there is a real lack of battles being generated, I spend 30 minutes designing a fleet and don't actually get to use it.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Further testing, playing as Germany, did pretty much the same as in the previous games, and this time got loads of battles generated versus Britian. Not really sure what I've done that is different, but feels more like a game now!

Might just be the lack of feedback/instructions, which makes it hard to understand what is going on. Also be nice if the fleet movements were animated.

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