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On day 2 you don't have to hold either of your starting flags until the very end of the day. So it's much more efficient to let the AI take one or both flags while you sit back in good cover and draw them into the open.

For the Spencers you need to kill off the units that have them on the first day.

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do u use... seems like most of my casualties come from the 4 crossings at the beginning and then the ensuing fights in the woods between the roads. I'm sure getting flanked by the  skirms and Cav units doesn't help.

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I tend to use a lot artillery in every battle. 2 or so skirmishers per corps usually.

I usually try to trap as many units as I can on the first day so that I don't end up chasing them everywhere. Though that isn't always possible.

You can see how I played it here 


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you have AOrg at 10 but only use 1200-1500 men? and only 8 guns per artillery unit?? I  thought 14 guns is artillery optimization? my AO is only 6 and I'm using 2000 man units. Is there a way to scale down or do u loose unit quality/experience?

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