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Epic Campaign Wins

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At one point I had de-ship-ed Italy, but I forgot to screen, a little while later the french too were nearly out; except for the atlantic coast ofc. 


The french also had just a few ships in the Mediterranean, which is why I sent a task force up though Gibraltar to find the french atlantic fleet and fight the British too. But no enocunter was generated for months and then the war ended with an Italian revolution.


Tried something since thte game gave me a huge naval budget, but I guess you gotta crank up the difficulty otherwise it to easy to cheese the AI with supperior ships.



Speaking of supperior ships: My fastest campaign. All I gotta say tough is: SO. MANY. TORPEDOES. The AI loved to spam their Kitakami-like torp CLs, not even talking about actuall DDs, an even their CAs bringing a good number aswell.


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Probably the biggest win I've ever pulled off. Thank god the Brits brought extra torpedos, not sure how I would have managed on my own.
Battle of La Havre, April 1940. It'll be a while before I top this one.

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A valiant last stand for Jerry, but Britannia still rules the waves. 


They only had 2 ships left after this battle, and I only lost 2 ships during the battle.


Mass produced AI clown cars can't beat superior design and DOOM music.

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