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Has ANYONE figured out how to interpret the land weapon stats? 

A particular musket, Dragoon Carbine '66 for instance, might display Efficiency 0.7 - 1.1 and give a graph based on range. Then if you look at just about ANY other musket or rifle, you'll see perhaps different lsted Efficiencies... but the graphs are almost the same. In particular, they all seem to show approximately 0.75 at 150 yards (midway between the 0.6 and the 0.9 lines).

When you target an enemy unit, your guys will typically walk up to the edge of their arc of fire. I have no idea what range that might be. Are you now at 250 yards, where all these guns can still reach? Or are you at 100 yds, where you might hope to be in the stated Efficiency (but it's inconsistent; that Dragoon Carbine above is still above the stated bottom of its Efficiency at 150 yds!) Is that distance the same for all weapons? Don't know.  If you want increased damage, it's clear you need to move forward more, but there is no ready way to tell where a sweet spot might be.

Because the graphs are so terribly similar, I rely more on Reload time, where it's a single number and smaller is better. Paradoxically, the older guns have shorter reloads in general than newer ones, so it seems pointless to buy more modern gear, except if it comes with bayonets.

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The tooltips are a bit of a mess unfortunately. Back in early beta all you had were the three progress bars, no numbers, and no graph. The graphs mostly help in my opinion, though since they end up very similar in a lot of cases its hard to eyeball which weapon is better. The numbers ended up being more confusing than anything else. I'd still argue the numbers were useful, they just aren't presented with the right context.

The .7 - 1.1 displayed on the efficiency bar shows the variance in base damage of the weapon. .7 * weapon damage is the low end, 1.1 * weapon damage is the high end. Other factors are in play, but generally each time a unit fires you get a random value between .7 and 1.1 multiplied by the base weapon damage multiplied by a % based on distance to target.

The graphs show the average damage dealt at different ranges. Left side of the graph is at 0 range(melee), right side of the graph is at maximum range(edge of the firing arc or beyond). So if the graph shows a maximum range of 250, then the firing arc shows a line at 250 range. Halfway between your unit and the edge of the arc is 125, etc. 

From what I recall, the newer guns do end up doing enough damage that it counteracts the slower reload. This is especially the case if you setup your units so that you're mostly instantly routing units that come up to your line rather than relying on repeated exchanges of volleys.

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