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has franklin #1 been removed?

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above my pay grade. I think. I've never installed a Mod? is there a tab/link/button you click to do it or is it computer programing related? I know designing the Range Mod is  but a lot of times acquiring is just click and install? it should be part of the game and/or acquirable thru points, fit right in with Logistics or at least should be available in a Tier trait. a must for skirmishers and artillery. I don't know how to get into the zone of my weapon's range but outta the enemies? no telling how much Whitworth replacement CASH ITS COSTING ME. and in reality, the one thing snipers know is range. wanna stand on a chair screaming "I want the Mod. I want the Mod!" 😎

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Units in the base game do already display range arcs. They are just harder to see because the arc color is green.

The mod is not a click once installer, but it's still pretty easy.

1) download the file

2) navigate to the game's install directory.

3) extract the zip into the ultimate general civil war_DATA folder in your game install folder. You'll be promoted to overwrite two files.

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