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Allow paying extra to force transports to be armed

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As title.

As a stopgap to designing our own transports (if we want; auto-create should be available to the uninterested) we should be able to pay extra on a separate slider to enhance their combat capacity. It shouldn't cost much- it's not like four-inch guns are expensive- but I really want this option please. Though, I'd much rather every transport was unique and capable of being constructed to my own exacting standards and each convoy was able to be manually loaded with my selection of ships and escorts, including both warships and Q-ships as detailed in my list of suggestions, batch 1.


I am sick of seeing my transports be unarmed.

I don't care what the AI wants to spend its (apparently infinite) resources on, I want convoys to be one-third corvettes, frigates, and Q-ships so if they have to defend themselves for a while they can manage it.

Also, stop spawning the AIs escorts in their transports and my escorts ten-to-twenty kilometres away. The AI cheats harder than a five-year-old playing Monopoly already...

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I agree about someday being able to design the transports until then a simple checkbox on the financial screen to select armed transports for a certain extra cost would be nice. I am aggravated with having to fight enemy transports covered in 4-inch guns while my ships are sitting ducks.  Also, maybe different types of transports could be offered in future like troop ships, oil tankers, bulk freighters, etc. 

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I think a cool way to implement this would be with a slider that allows you to arm a certain percentage of your transports (0%-100%, with the cost tied to how much you are spending on your transports overall). And then, once you research radios, allowing you to give basic orders to your transports when you are defending them, such as ordering them to flee in a certain direction. 

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