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Game Crashing on Launch


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Hi there! 

First of all, awesome game. I've been playing it for a couple weeks now and really enjoy it. For some reason yesterday the game started crashing immediately after launching it. I completely uninstalled the game and made sure to check that all the game files were completely gone from my system before reinstalling. I also updated my drivers to the latest version in case that was the issue but after re-install it still persists. When I launch the game I get a small window with the games logo and a red exclamation point next to it very briefly before the entire game crashes and I'm back to steam or the desktop. Any recommendations?

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Do you play the Steam version or with the standalone launcher?

Can you please share what are your system specs?

In any case, I suggest checking if you have recently a Windows or Graphics card update that might have affected the game's performance.

This procedure might also help: 


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Open “event viewer” from the search window and browse the windows application logs folder for the crash event (look for the last time it happened). What does the error say? Often pasting that into google will provide results.

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