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Something should be done about this French "Battleship IV" hull...


It's still there after the 1.02 patch & there's like nothing useful enough that can be made from it now that French predreadnought battleships have their own unique turrets/towers/funnels.

This hull is perfect for recreating the Russian battleship Tsesarevich, which was based on French battleship Jaureguiberry. However trying to built that ship is impossible because in side sponsons can be only placed 178mm turrets than 279mm ones & aft side notches now can't allow installing 152 or 127mm turrets because of choices for aft tower. Either way, in the end it's always a very ugly & imbalanced ship compared to what could have been built with that hull before the French additions arrived.

A suggestion to remove this hull from French completely or rework (compose out of other available French hulls?) so it would look more like Jaureguiberry with 279mm turrets in side sponsons amidship & 4x152mm turrets near the fore & aft main 305mm turrets.


Also, what happened with the hull which meant to represent Russian Borodino-class battleships?  Last time I saw it in my designs saves with "this hull is not researched" error after the 1.02 patch.

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