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1967462332_(3)JULY1891WorldMAP.thumb.png.376cbda9af533601663371562423f170.png1530227213_(3)JULY1891WorldFinances.thumb.png.b130bdd29cb207b0480cc51707ed6276.png469336579_(2)JUN1891WorldMAP.thumb.png.1fcbb9a5e758a2a1f541ed7657bfbf70.png288242394_(2)JUN1891WorldFinances.thumb.png.7589086dc9bee25399a980b3bd275780.pngBasically 100090991_(1)MAY1891WorldMap.thumb.png.1ee949af0f42bff6caa0124479f5f142.pnglean 1232660318_(1)MAY1891Finances.thumb.png.f3eb14c655cf65fc12bdbcaf6f00e0ef.png 

Im winning and all, then battles stopped showing up, each turn my Naval Prestige went down, and the ai's victory points went up, I believe this is a bug or a really dumb mechanic of the naval blockade... Im leaning towards a bug. This keeps happening until I lose.

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It is naval blocade mechanic in all of it's glory. It is exacly what i have so much problem with. Given the fact that alot of people had the same problem, i assume that it may be changed with january patch :)

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I've had this problem aswell where battles just don't spawn and so I lose without ever fighting a single battle, even after seeting every ship to sea control. Oddly enough the best way to win that I've found is just to build heavy units.

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