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How to win the campaign in under 10 minutes

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1. Choose Create Own fleet.


2. Finances.


Max crew training and transports and build shipyards. Set tech to zero, it's expensive and tech won't help you at all in this timeframe.

3. Ship design.

Basically we need to optimize for two things: the blockade calculation and the battle auto-resolver.

For blockade, heavier ships are worth more per ton. So pick the heaviest ship you can, probably a BB. Then, max op range.

The battle auto-resolver is less important since the blockade can win the war on its own. Still, you want to make sure that you win auto-resolves as much as possible, which gives you VP directly, and more importantly, reduces your casualties, making it easier to maintain the blockade.

Make sure you have:

  • A lot of single torpedo launchers (including underwater), which are highly valued by the auto-resolver. You don't need torpedo size, ammo, or multiple tubes per launcher, just a lot of launchers.
  • High numerical armor. It doesn't have to be balanced, you can just slap on 50" belt and call it a day.
  • You can invest some weight into speed if you have cheap engines, but it's not essential.

Guns, accuracy, bulkheads, balance, detonation chance etc. aren't worth worrying about. Just pick the cheapest components so you can afford a lot of tonnage.

Example design:


4. Playing the game.

Just auto-resolve all battles while building as many max-size BBs as funds/crew allow. (Note that at current the auto-crew won't un-mothball ships, so dropping below zero crew pool means you'll need to manually add crew.) Eventually you'll blockade the enemy into a revolution and win the war.


Britain has an easier time at blockades due to their larger economy, but I've gotten this to work with Germany as well.

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Does building a shipyard actually help that much right now? Either you set it for a short time and get a minimal increase, or you go for the full 2 years for the good sized boost. However, once you build it after two years, you have to design a (slightly) larger ship and then build those ships. By that time, you're pretty much in the end game and victory is mostly decided. Sure, extra 2k tons helps, but wouldn't it be better to put the pressure early with more ships? Not to mention that it doesn't really affect CLs and DDs which do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of convoy raiding/protection.

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1 hour ago, HailCOBRALA said:

Why would Torps on a BB be worth anything by the Auto Resolve? They were absolutely useless and actually caused problems, creating a net-negative. 

I agree with respect to real life, I'm just saying how things are coded right now. I believe one torp launcher is currently worth more than twice a 20" turret.

My guess, other than this just being a plain oversight, is that DDs are very disadvantaged by the armor multiplier, so they decided to increase torp contribution to massive levels to compensate.

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