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Battle UI feedback

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Returning to the game after many months. Great to see the beginnings of the campaign implemented - still have every hope this will be the best naval game ever created, with further development. 

Two simple though fundamental points regarding the in-battle player experience: 

Ship speed (both player at enemy vessels) - this information is not presented well. Friendly ship speed (and max speed) could be made much clearer. When I click/hover over a vessel I really want to see that info (yes I know I can click into the unit cards, but this is cumbersome). Hovering over an enemy vessel should display an estimated speed also. 

Main/secondary battery targeting - this should be MUCH more obvious. There should be a separate button for targeting main/secondary battery (not just hotkey), and a very clear display when vessels are selected to show which batteries are targeting which enemies. 

How fast your ships are going, and who they are shooting at are such fundamentals that they should be much more easily visible IMO. 

Hope that helps, glad to see the Nazis have gone! 


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Seconding the speed UI/UX issue: would be very nice to copy the same numerical speed indicator that is present on the corner of your ships (in the control bar/list of ship icons/whatever at the bottom of the screen) to the same for enemy ships displayed at the top of the screen.

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