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Hello everyone.

I don't know if this topic ever was discussed. But for me it is very important.

I like cheating in this game. No multiplayer or anything involved. So no harm to any one. And have you ever tried to have 50 Battleships againt the enemy? Really fun if have to say.

It is very difficult to find the right memory adresses right now to change for example maximum weight or budget.

Is there any way you could bring back the cheat menu? 

Thank you very much.

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There used to be, very early on. Pressing Shift + Control + Alt + A would bring up a cheat menu, which now only gives you a prompt to do quick battle instead.

I've never really been a fan of this, as there were features and options that modified the gameplay more than just unlimited budget for your ships. I hope that they bring it back at some point, perhaps in a manner that doesn't allow you to progress when you use it (i.e. if you use a cheat in a naval academy mission, you don't actually complete it until it's done legitimately).

I guess when making a game, you don't want bug reports for issues that are generated by ships that wouldn't exist in normal play, but I do miss it.

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