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@Nick Thomas : Do you know that you have a gold bank in hands with your UCWG engine ? In addition of DLC for UCWG and new opus (American Revolution, Napoléonic battles, etc) you should just consider to adapt it also for strategic/Operational level for East Front 1941-1945 : Units would not be Brigades/Divisions/corps but Divisions/Corps/Army/Army group and would evolute (move and/or attack) on the map by drag/drop arrows made with mouse like in UCWG. Supply wagons will become supply trains, etc ; your arty would become heavy arty and air support, etc.

Then, with the same adapted engine, you would be able to offer a very nice wargame in RTS mode for East Front : all wargamers would run to this gem, to be able to play East Front at divisions/corps/Armies level with this kind of very simple - but also very fun -  system

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