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With the campaign coming in the next patch, I'd like to advocate for the option to select fantasy or realism when entering the campaign. What I mean by this is if I want a game where I dominate the seven seas with eldritch memeships then I can select fantasy, which will remove inhibiting factors such as cost, tech (you get all tech of that year when it becomes available to research), and infrastructure requirements (if any). Fantasy would make the campaign like a custom battle game, but with more continuity between battles. Realism would play out similar to the naval academy where we get funds and build a ship, but we get more freedom overall to choose tech, battles, and ships. I hope that we get a number of options to get custom parameters, similar to Uboat's campaign options.

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My main ask for the campaign is historical template ships for the enemy and yourself, with the option of course of modifying your own templates. I love the ship customization in this game and I know the devs are working hard on the AI ship builder but honestly 90% of the cruisers and battleships look utterly ridiculous and would be an immersion breaker for me.

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