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Sea Legends: combat?


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As SL will simulate combat at the deck level from the captain’s point of view, it is interesting to try to understand what type of decisions did the captain take before, during and after a battle at sea in the age of sail.  

Again, my point is only to give here a rough picture of the combat sequence in the period according to (some) historical sources, from the (quarter-)deck point of view. I won’t discuss here tactics and technical aspects of gunnery (types of gun,  xender  carronades, gunshot velocity, penetration, etc.), as Admin already has an enormous experience and technical data base from NA as regard age of sail combat simulation (and an enormous amount of contributions in the forum !). But developers could inspire from other historical elements (not represented in NA) to recreate the combat experience at the deck level, quite a frightful one...   

Some very interesting sources (among so many) used h omegle ere are:

-          - the unbeaten Sam Willis, Fighting at Sea in the Eighteen Century: The Art of Sailing Warfare (2008)(imho the most exciting book on technical and tactical aspects of warfare in the age of sail);

-          - the exhaustive M. Adkin, The Trafalgar Companion (2005), a kind of ‘bible’ on the Trafalgar campaign (and other Nelson’s battles) and all combat aspects, with nice figures and anecdotes;

-          - the classical Bryan Lavery, Nelson’s Navy (1993); his Battle of the Nile (2005) is also an excellent source to understand warfare in the age of sail

-          - the excellent Roy Adkins’ Trafalgar, The biography of a battle, Abacus (2005) and Jack Tar, The extraordinary lives of ordinary seamen in Nelson’s Navy,

-          - the essential and must-have J Harland, Seamanship in the age of sail (1985);

-          -the Kydd’s series, by Julian Stockwin (very well documented novels with detailed and fascinating descriptions of combats) (without mentioning of course the Aubreyad…)

I divided this discussion in several posts as it is quite long.

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