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Just out of curiosity, I love this game and Naval action and wasn't sure if there was any plans for some kind of mash-up of the two. Something where its more of an RTS with the ability to change to a first person ability with the agility to create customized ships (like in Naval Action). So basically it would be a more open map game where you can trade, build, and fight like in Naval action but also have massive fleets making it more of an RTS. 

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 I agree wholeheartedly.  Even just let us retain ships and gain gold + rep between Custom Battles, and leave the scenarios and enemy fleet composition up to the player's imagination.  Keep the starting funds to build your initial fleet, then let the player go from there.

 Essentially, just add every campaign mechanic except the research tree, limited Admiralty equipment, and progression to Custom Battles.  I want to make up my own campaigns, but the current Custom Battle setup prevents anything from carrying over between fights.  Risks, casualties, and battle damage become meaningless when I always have instant access to infinite trained officers and another 2,500,000 funds just by pressing the restart button.

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