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Modding weapon parameters V1.11 res 22986?

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There is a thread called "Tentative Guide to Modding This Game" here. I've provided a link below. Following the guide on how to modify weapon parameters in that thread worked in previous versions. omegle  xenderI was able to successfully modify the attributes of various weapons. As of V1.11 res 22986, modifying the assets file no longer has any effect. The changes show in the file, but the changes are not reflected in the game. If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please post here.

The reason I think this is an important issue is because the weapon stats - especially for small arms - are completely ahistoric and gamey. Just a couple of examples: The 1855/1859 Sharps carbines are exactly the same weapon as the Sharps Rifle except that the carbines had 20"-long barrels and the rifles had 30"-long barrels. But in every other aspect, they were the same weapons. Yet in-game, the carbines have significantly higher rates-of-fire, higher damage, different costs, and ridiculous, ahistoric differences in accuracy, despite the fact that in reality, all three weapons used the same .52 caliber paper cartridge, used exactly the same mechanisms for loading and firing and were renowned for their accuracy. Other examples include the wildly differing stats for various southern rifles which were all copies of the 1855 Springfield - or as the game calls them - Harper's Ferry rifles. If you care to have reasonable historical accuracy in the game, then modding weapon parameters is sadly necessary.

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Myself and others have been able to make these kind of changes in 1.11 without any issues. 1.10 to 1.11 did feature changes in the assets by the devs, so if you're navigating by offset the old offsets may not be valid anymore.

Alternatively, perhaps one of your changes invalidated the asset file? Have you tried restoring your files from steam and retrying with a basic change to see if that gets you working again?

Here is a more recent modding guide than the one you referenced that has a bit more detail.

You may also want to consider using my UI & AI Customizations mod as a starting point as it provides much more detailed weapon tooltips to help with any adjustments you want to make. The base game's tooltips single accuracy value and lack of information on the range damage multiplier isn't particularly helpful for more detailed damage comparisons.

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