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missions are just too hard

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Look on youtube, no one plays them, they are just too hard. the enemy ships arent the issue at all, neither is anyones build. the fact is there just isnt enough ammo. no matter what i build (and yes im a vet at this game but due to windows format and new pc a few times) it doesnt matter what you build, even taking extra ammo option....you always run out and the enemy ships are no where close to being sunk. ive tried the lot! doesnt matter how i build the ship it makes no difference, ammo is a big issue

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Just now, HusariuS said:

I don't know what you are talking about... on one occasion it just took me around twelve different ship designs to finish a mission.

It's perfectly fine I'm telling you.

Ahh the twelve puddings of husarius. I forgot which one beat the mission in the end, probs hoods 7th lost cousin lol.

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Some of the combat missions were set up back when the rules around armor/guns/damage was different. I was able to complete all 52 combat missions, but having to revisit them now it's on a totally different level of difficulty. 

Being repeatedly savaged by the AI warships isn't fun but you have to ask yourself what the budget the AI is being given relative to your fleet. In a campaign scenario where resources and tech are more balanced the current system may be better even if the academy scenarios are brutal and unfair. 

And as much as It pains me to say it given how slow development on this game is i don't want a minute of time being spent trying to tweak the old academy missions if it takes away from precious time spent getting the core features done. 

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