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Question about mounting cannons

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Hej guys,
I'm in an early stage of the game and already frustrated af.
After the very first mission, right before "A diner for the Admiral" I sold "Astarte" and bought the 6th rate corvette HMS Earl. But I cannot mount any cannons. I can buy cannons in the admirality tab but no matter what or how many I buy, they don't show up in the Fleet>Decks>Mount cannons tab. I can't buy guns from this tab directly like I did for HMS Ferret. I tried anything like buying another ship, getting the crew to max, reload the savegame, I bought 4 pounder or 9 pounder. But no matter what I do, I cant Mount the cannons to the ship... 

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I am not sure if I can help. Each ship class can mount certain cannon guns in each slot if available meaning if you have enough of them. Certain guns you can't apply to every ship. A 7th rate ship may have a certain gun where a 6th rate ship might need a bigger caliber gun or many more guns. Normally, if you researched or have the tech to have many guns unlocked they should appear for you to select them. You can't mount, unless you have enough of them and the required slot for that type of gun. Buying generic guns to add them to your armory is not the the best way to add guns unless you're trying to collect a favorite gun you may want on a certain ship. When you are at the ship screen to add guns you should see what they could have, meaning the type of gun for that ship. The only way to add them is if the ship can hold 20 then you need to have 20 of them to buy or add from your armory. If no guns show up? You might not have unlocked the tech or what? Of course I am only guessing and you are at the start of the game so you might not have as many guns as you need for that type of slot on that certain ship? I played this game for nearly two years and I can tell you I hardly ever buy a ship. I capture so many ships which supplies my fleet of ships and with their guns so when I add a captured ship even if I sell it later I take the guns off it so they pile up over time so unless I am looking to buy a better gun I have plenty guns to put on my ships seeing they all came with the ships I captured. With out a picture to look at I am just speculating.

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Here is your problem:

You sold the Astarte, which is a merchant, and therefore you received no guns from the sale of that ship.

You then bought a 6th rate, and 6 rates require 28 cannons. When you buy a ship it comes without cannons or crew.

Since you buy guns by the "deck", you need 28 cannons of the same type to put guns on your 6 rate which has a single deck.

When you click on "add cannons" you have a list of cannons ranging from 4 pdrs to 9 pdrs. The list, however, is grayed out because you need 28 of a single type of cannon and not a single type of cannon has more than 11 guns.

Therefore, you are unable to buy guns for your new 6th rate.

A recommendation:

HMS Richmond alone is more than capable of handling both Spanish ships at the beginning of the scenario and you don't even need HMS Ceres to help. Board the Galga and take her as a prize. You then have your first 6th rate and she comes with a full complement of cannons.

Here is a video of the battle (Acting Captain) in which I engage both Spanish ships with the Richmond, sink one and then capture the Galga:


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