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Why is it on missions it says the enemies will not retreat but yet they still do and  I'm stuck chasing downing ships after sinking 2 or 3? This is a consistent thing and its the most annoying thing about this game  especially when it cause me to have to restart a mission all over.

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Not saying if you do/do not have a bug, but if you're an aggressive player with speedy ships, it simply could be that the AI is trying to increase the range when you've closed in too much.


This occasionally happens to me, but it is also entirely subjective, so take it with a pinch of salt.

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There definitely is a "problem" with the AI logic. Whether it is a bug or not the Devs would have to confirm. You can spot the issue easily based on my experience. The enemy keeps it's stern to you no matter what. You start to outflank them, they turn to opposite side to keep stern on. Essentially steering in circles if you have enough speed to keep off their stern. Another example is the enemy turns away after you land a significant hit. That's not opening the range, that's the AI trying to save itself. 

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