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I feel quite bad for writing this as overly, it aint a bad game thus far.

heres whats getting on my goat.

there never seems to be enough ammo on board to complete a mission. i always use extra ammo no matter what and i always seem to run out, or run very low by the time ive managed to finish the mission (yes, ive used the best accurate guns suitable for the mission.....i.e i havent used MK1) it seems to rely on luck. and yes im using the radars and all the other good stuff that would maximise accuracy. ive been playing since launch so please dont say i dont know what im doing :)


secondly, the RNG is soooo in the favour of the enemy ships its laughable. i can have better armour and guns... and a better angle than the enemy with LESS armour and SMALLER guns and im bouncing!! yet his shots pen me. i absolutely despair!!

speaking of accuracy and pen, right off the bat his/her guns always seem to be on target right off the bat, i havent even got my guns in the enemy direction yet!? yet hes hitting me with the first salvo!!

whats with the gun accuracy anyway? im not missing by a couple hundred metres, some of my shots are missing by Kilomteres!!! i dont mean by 1km i mean 5km (measured!!!!)

i keep saying to myself....."yeah lets play some dreadnoughts" and then 5 mins later i say "yeah.....thats why i stopped playing, i remember now!!"

so much potential, yet such frustration makes me wanna uninstall the game

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Agreed about the accuracy thing, been like this since last update. "There Can Be Only One" mission is impossible to do due to those overly accurate and overly too quick reloading (even for having auto-reloaders) of 20" guns takes the fun away at the moment. I sincerely hope the devs get to this article and take notes to resolve this issue BEFORE Campaign Core Patch 1 and onward drop.

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So many things about the game are bad and lots of people have pulled real world information to show how things actually work and have given ideas about how to gamify those things. No responses. None. The shipbuilder is bad, the gunnery system is bad, the list is long of things that are bad. Lots of ideas about how to fix them. No response except everyone is working on campaign, after that's done we'll look at things. They've been saying that for a year now, longer really. Still no campaign just these stupid useless patches that add almost nothing. For gods sake they added a reverse button and acted like it was the best thing ever. spoiler alert it's not. It's going to be next year before the campaign gets released in an extremely limited state. Just watch. 

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I think it was worth the $50 for the amount of time I've spent with the game. I think devs should focus on fixing bugs and not adding a campaign, I think that should probably be scrapped entirely and focus on current functionality and improvements and allow modding. Rename "Naval Academy" to "Scenarios" where "Naval Academy" is one of the scenarios with many missions, others can be added by modders. That should be it. Otherwise I fear this will get stuck in development hell.

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No, don't think so. I'm sure they'll re-evaluate by end of this year if things aren't progressing. Maybe covid has something to do with it, not all teams work well remotely. I'm glad they released the alpha.

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