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After fiddling around with Lyddite small guns on ships, I feel that fire is still a bit underwhelming unless you can successfully manage to overwhelm the target ship with fire, and I think this is for a few reasons.


  1. Fire damage on the deck does not appear to actually deal damage to the superstructure of the ship, the components associated with it, and it also does not block rangefinding equipment which it most likely would, especially if the fire occurred midship. I'd like to suggest that it be changed so above deck fires reduce aiming accuracy, as well as run the risk of potentially knocking out the towers/funnels/bridge crew and if particularly unlucky the rangefinders directly.
  2. Below deck fires appear to not have a significant damage increase per tick. I may be wrong in my observations, but it seems like a mid belt penetrating fire does not deal more damage than a deck fire, and it also seems like it's just as easy to extinguish as an on deck fire. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but assuming the fire consumes the entire bulkhead space, the fire inside would likely be very difficult to extinguish at minimum unless you fully seal the space and let it burn itself out. Depending on where ammunition is stored, this should cause the risk of ammunition cookoff if near the magazines. Not necessarily on the same tier of a direct hit to an ammunition locker, or flash fire, but internal fires should be more dangerous. Right now the only danger with internal fire is if it gets to the machine room and knocks out the engines.
  3. In addition to 1, I feel like fires get extinguished way too fast while the ship is under fire. While they can probably get away with dousing a fire on the decks in between 16 to 20 inch salvoes, I don't expect the crew would be able to safely or efficiently fight a fire while also under small gun bombardment. Potentially, allow sub 6 inch secondaries to be more effective at close range engagements by slowing down the rate at which the target crew can extinguish fires based on the amount of actual hits taken by these guns?
  4. Large shells are quiet good at burning down a ship, whether intentionally or not. I don't think anyone has an issue with that.

All of this is a suggestion to make single room and as an extension multiple room fires more dangerous. Done right, enough fire can burn down a ship, but it generally takes a tremendous amount of fire, and in general, fire just isn't much of an impediment to the ship on the receiving end.

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