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Does Damage decline with unit size like in UG CW?


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What is fairly clear is, the smaller the unit the more likely it will suffer sufficient casualties to cause it to disintegrate. You will thus not only lose the entire unit, but the officer as well.

After playing all the campaigns, I was pretty much using only Marine Corps units of 320 men for my land battles. As I look back, that was a mistake. Though you can win almost all the land battles with a substantial Marine Corps, the problem is that every time you capture an enemy artillery unit, it dilutes that unit's manpower by 50 men.

The problem with bringing sailors from your warships is that you put very experienced officers in the line of fire and many times they are wounded or killed.

If I was to replay the campaigns, I would go with a strong Marine Corps, but bring at least 1 ships worth of men. I would hold the sailors in reserve and as I destroyed enemy artillery batteries I would capture them with the sailors. This would allow the Marine Corps to do the heavy lifting at full strength. I would also consider replacing the ships officers with lower ranking ones as the game is pretty random about officer casualties and even holding them in reserve they can still take an artillery shot which kills the Captain of your ship.

Remember also, that the more men you commit to the land battle, the more men the enemy will have to fight you as it will scale up in response. That is another reason to build a strong Marine Corps of 320 man units and leave your sailors in their ships if at all possible.

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