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Chancellorsville - Short One Corps


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I've gotten up to the battle of Chancellorsville, and after placing my three corps, its asking me to place one more. Problem: No Brigadier Generals to command the corps, therefore - No Corps. 

Does anybody have any suggestions how to get around this rather than start the whole game over again?

Thank  you. 

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At Union Chancellorsville, only the first 3 corps are required, the 4th is optional. So you should be able to assign the first 3 and click start.

However, if you are short an officer for whatever reason, there is a way forward. If no BG is present in the barracks/academy and you click on the create corps button, a new BG will get spawned that you can purchase to create the corps. This also works for Colonels and majors for divisions and brigades respectively.

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