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When will we be able to modify the hull as represented in the official animation on steam?

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54 minutes ago, o Barão said:

Don't get me wrong but both sides won at Jutland. Tactical victory for the germans and strategic victory for the British. The british maintained the status quo and the Germans managed to hurt the british pride. Simple as that. I don't understand how is possible to ignore the facts on this matter when there is so much information about this matter that to defend only one side makes me believe that many persons here are biased towards one side.

I guess, but my point objectives still makes sense that germany won the tactical battle, but failed to achieve the badly needed strategic win, which kept britain and royal navy in the game. I would say the win probs edges more towards britain, but if you were too look at the battle itself then yeah germany would win. However the bigger picture is more important and even if germany was crowned winner, it still didn't do anything and they ended up starving germany into submission thanks to the heavy blockade.

Still if one side fails to achieve their actual objectives or achieves less than one side then i wouldnt consider it a win. Although looking a both sides i wouldnt say they won.

Seems like they both drew, with severe consequences for germany and major for britain.


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