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Add Clan Dockyard

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Similar to the Clan Warehouse, the Clan Dockyard would be a holding area for ships in the clan.  It would have the following features:

  • Only the Clan Creator may create a Clan Dockyard.
  • Can only be built in the same port as the Clan Warehouse.
  • Starts with an initial capacity of 25 ship slots.
  • May be expanded through doubloons and reals by 5 ship slots each upgrade.
  • Holds of ships must be empty when transferring to the Clan Dockyard and items cannot be placed into stored ships.
  • Any cannons and upgrades will stay with the ship to/from the Clan Dockyard and allowed clan members can change such on ships while stored.
  • Can be restricted by the Clan Creator for transfers to/from by member rank like the Clan Warehouse.
  • Can be restricted by the Clan Creator to allow all ships or only those of selected ranks to be stored.
  • Ships can be transferred to/from the Clan Dockyard to any clan member that has an outpost in the same port as the Clan Dockyard.  To transfer a ship, select the ship then select, "Send to member docks".  A dropdown list showing clan members with an outpost in the port will appear, select the member and click.  The ships will be transferred to that members docks even if offline.  If a member does not have a free ship slot in their docks, then that clan member's name will be grayed out in the selection dropdown list.
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