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I am going to sue the developer of Ultimate General civil war...

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I will ask the tribunal to order it to reimburse me for all my other games. Since I have Ultimate General Civil War, I no longer want to use them...
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After playing more battles and campaings : First impressions are 1000 % confirmed : It's probably one of the best wargame never made.

I will buy all future opus, for all historical times :  Civil war, American Revolution, Napoleonic battles, etc

The only bad point is that developpers work too slow : we want to be able to buy IMMEDIATLY :)more DLC, map editor, 1870 war, etc

This game has the fabulous potential top become a new Age of Rifles

Message to developpers : Please, divorce your wife, abandon your children to public assistance to have more and more time :) . And with this saved time, give us more UGCW opus^^

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