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Unable to Download the Update / Play the Game

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On 5/2/2021 at 2:48 AM, DreadHead said:

I have been unable to download the newest update and therefore am unable to play the game.  Please see the screenshot below:



I have already tried a complete uninstall and reinstall of the game multiple times.


Please help.


Very respectfully,



Greetings Admiral,

Please click on the mail address in the top right section of launcher and click on "Settings", then deactivate the "Use a P2P connection" option as shown on the screenshot https://imgur.com/a/VkMQIji

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On 5/26/2021 at 5:06 PM, DreadHead said:

This was fixed after leaving the hotel I was staying in.  I believe the ISP there was blocking the site.  Thank your for the help.

You are welcome! Glad the problem is solved

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