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My wish list and Please, rectify the very bad "dark effects" for night and LOS

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I re-post here  a post that I had posted by error in the Ultimate Gettysburg forum)


Fabulous game ! One of the best wargame I never played.


My wish list :

- One or two "to buy extension" (add on)  with acomplete map/scenario editor + new maps, scénarios, campaigns
- A command interface to allow players to set "on/off" the dark areas caused by LOS (lines of sight)
- Same command to set "on-off" the dark effect of night battles (for same reason : old wargamers have old eyes...^^)

- And please, new opus of the game : Please, do same politic like Slitherine Field of Glory, give us other adaptations : It would be absolutly fabulous

-Ultimate antic battles (Alexandre, Rome)
-Ultimate Middle-Age battles
-Ultimate "Renaissance" battles
-Ultimate 18th century battles (Seven years war, etc)
-Franco-Prussian war 1870 and Austro-Prussian war 1866
-Colonial wars of 19th (like the old Age of Rifles)
-August-Sept 1914 (Beginning of WW1, when war movement applied, before trench war)

-And why not ? A 1914-1918 Ultimate General version : With massive assult of infantry, arty barrages, , the game would be excellent

And after that...  Why not a WW2 Ultimate General ? I think that the game engine could be adapted with little squand in place of brigades, and with adapted parameters. Close Combat "The bloody first" (3D version of Close combat) is not so good that Ultimate : I think that a "Ultimate WW2 Général" opus would be a great success : This "Ultimate general WW2" could have exactly the same success than the old and venerable Steel Panthers" in his time : The both games have same "profil" : excellent, addictive, simply to play but with great gameplay and very confortable interface + beautifull graphics .


Other wish : I do not like the Steam system for games, and I hope that future Ultimate General opus will be sold on GOG Games (I bought my game on GOG)

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Posted (edited)

Would have been better to give players the choice to play "on/off" with these dark night effects...

They ruin all the pleasure of the game for this battle and others in dark : not very enjoying to play on a black screen to simulate night...


And same for dark effects of Lines of sight : would have been better to ggive the same choice, or to implement a possibility to choice the intensity of the dark

Where is the pleasure to play with that sort of screens ? It has no raisonnable sense, should habe better to give choice to player. This kind of detail may ruin a good game : I have to say that if all battles had these bad dark effects without possibility to choice "on/off", my credit card would not work...



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