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Question about red red effects in interface


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Could somebody explain what does mean the red effects for some units slots in game ? I searched in the guide but founded nothing (I have to say that the guide is a little bit "minimal", a complete manuel would be great)

Also, other question : The guide does not explain how exactly we have to process to do a fusion between 2 units (and the conditions for)


There is a fusion button, ok. But what is the exact process : must we select 2 units before and then press this button ? Or must we select first a unit, then presse the button and then select another unit ?


I noticed some other same situations in the guide : it's a good tool in game, but nothing is beter than a complete and detailled manuel

SCREEN OF GAME (Red effect on slots units)


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Thanks for infos.


Concerning fusion button : Ok, the process is that if I am not wrong :

1- Select one unit

2- Presse the fusion button

3-Then, the first unit will combine with another in same division

But the pb is : how is made the choice of this another unit ? By the player (and if yes : how ?) or automatically by the unit (i.e, the unit choices the nearest other unit ?)


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