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Which historical ship that you want is still missing from the game?

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so, which ship I really want to see:

Russian battleship Tsesarevich - Wikipedia

Because she looks just many time better as the Borodino already in the game. And I love Tumblehome-Design! Beside that: You have an hull which looks like Tsarevich, but you have to limit yourself to 11k tons (Tsarevich had 13k), else the ship dosn't share the same look; and if you rebuild her as good as possible, the ship has like 30% aft overweight (iirc).

French battleship Charles Martel - Wikipedia

Because... LOT OF GUNS ARE NICE! And did I told that I love Tumblehome-Design?

French battleship Danton - Wikipedia

Again: Lot of Guns - combinated with lot of funnels. Very beautiful! And we need more stuff for sideline-guns!


Would be soooo great to have them in the game ❤️


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On 4/28/2021 at 6:47 PM, HistoricalAccuracyMan said:

Personally, I really want to see more cruisers and a few destroyers that look more like their own unique design. Right now, every cruiser is either a downscaled battleship or that same old "Modern Cruiser."

First examples that come to mind are:
US Navy: Brooklyn Class, Atlanta Class, Cleveland Class, Baltimore Class, Portland Class, Northampton Class, Clemson Class, Fletcher Class, Gearing Class
IJN: Fuso class, Kongo class, Takao/Myoko class, and some additional destroyer designs.
Royal Navy: Mainly the Town class, though there are others (I'm not very well acquainted with Royal Navy designs of WWII), and some additional destroyer types

Basically, most of the ships I personally want to see depend on the addition of additional superstructure designs/modules, a revamped gun and barbette system (especially in the case of the Atlanta: it's a Light Cruiser with 5" destroyer main guns, which currently isn't allowed, and has the triple super-firing turret design), the ability to possibly choose which gun look/design you want and the introduction of new looks, and probably a handful of new hulls and funnels.


Testify brother. You hit the nail on the head. So many light/ heavy cruiser hulls and superstructures missing. Most all navies have the same identical hull and super structure for light cruisers. 

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