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Does this game seem really hardware demanding to anyone else?

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I am running a 3090/9900k 32gb system and at 4k i can barely stay over 60 fps and usually i am under that in the larger scenarios. This is with settings at ultra/high. I know it takes a lot of power to push 4k at high settings but for the graphics on offer the performance seems a bit lacking to me. Anyone else have these findings as well?


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Well, I think No. I've been playing this game for about a year and half on two computers. One of them I consider as an HD computer and the other as a 2K computer and each are on very high settings and I don't notice any thing like that in this game. I have all campaigns on you tube as proof of how this game was over the course of time of me playing this game just to show this game to any person out there interested, but it's my RAW playing with comments and personal thoughts. I am not a professional you-tuber but at least I show it as I played it and I would also list, most of the times what version I was playing. Although, I have to mention I was never a person that ever worried about FPS as long as I never noticed any lag or something that caused a problem when playing. This is not a true demanding online game.

This game did at one time have a lag or freeze every few seconds in a certain battle but they fixed it fast but if you seen my play explaining it then you would be aware of that isolated and fixed problem. Other than that, my videos show 2K play. Maybe if you seen any of them you could judge it. I can't judge it cause I don't notice it and of course I am running on 2k for the videos and your talking about 4K and FPS but I can say this game is no where near of what a demand for a game such as Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands and Ghost Recon Breakpoint Cooperative gameplay that I play every weekend with my daughter over the past couple years and having a blast. Bottom line for me is all three games I just mentioned here, play great with 2K. I'm not sure any of this helps you so either way I don't mind sharing info. Happy Sailing!

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21 hours ago, Despised Icon said:

I see, that is interesting.

I was wondering if there is something wrong with my setup/settings which led to lesser performance.

I will try to tinker to get better performance.

Thank you very much

Your welcome and I hope you can figure it out to in order to get the best out of this great game. Yeah, I have 2k instead of 4k because at the time I bought a monitor they didn't have 4k in the size I wanted it so I bought the 2K. FYI.

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