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Hey folks!

After the release of AOS on steam, I watched a bunch of reviews and videos and decided to buy the game (and DLC). One of things I thought received fairly superficial coverage was the mechanics of the Land Battle tutorial; especially for recruits. So this advanced land tutorial is aimed at these folks. It is fairly long, but I believe fairly in depth. Hope you all like it.

For veterans of the Ultimate General Series only a couple of features have really changed, but you still might have some interest in having a look.

If I messed anything up, please don't hesitate to let me know. I've only done the tutorials and have yet to actually dive into the campaigns (though I have fought a battle or two). 


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Here is a video of the Sea of Gold Battle (in the premade battle section):

Fun battle. The Medea was quite elusive and it took a couple tries to finally pin her down.

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